the Timber

Sandy works exclusively with British grown timber sourced from across the British Isles. Each board is carefully selected for a particular piece and comes with a tag signifying its provenance. This ensures that all the timber used comes from managed woodlands and the felling was part of a sustainable woodland management plan or through storm damage.

Sandy passes this information onto the owner of every piece by way of a label telling you where the timber was grown. The county is usually a minimum but more often than not the chain of custody provides the name of the estate or woodland where it was felled.

Each species has its own particular characteristics and an individual beauty. Timber selection forms the basis of Sandy’s designs and this is discussed during the commissioning process to help you understand the best timber for your needs both aesthetically and functionally.

After Care

All the pieces that leave the workshop are intended to be used and are protected with a finish that is suitable for the particular timber and use of the piece.

For all these finishes it is recommended that any spills are not left to soak and to clean your furniture, nothing more than a wipe with warm soapy water will do the trick.

Please do not leave any of the wood products (like boards or spoons) to soak, or put them in the dishwasher as this may stain or warp the piece.

If you need any specific advice then please just drop Sandy an email.